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Finance & Accouting BPO done right

Transform the way of providing outsourcing services for your clients.

Put collaboration first


Work together with your clients

The service Provider shares a book with his client, giving him or her the right level of permission, so they can complete their tasks and accompany the work that you execute.


View activity history

The activity history of each book assures that everything happens transparently. So it is always clear who has posted, edited and deleted anything on a book.


Comment and attachments

Comment transactions to assign tasks to your clients and keep communication within the context of your book. Attach Documents, images and other files to transactions to certify their origin/authenticity.

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Be valued for your work


Service Provider Account

You, as service provider, have one single Bkper account where you attend all your clients.


Bkper books

You typically create as many books as Clients you attend. All your clients will see your Business Logo on their book that you keep for them.



The Workflow of recording Drafts, posting transaction and consolidating (checked) transactions on Bkper guarantees the proper sequence of execution of tasks.

Security for you and the clients


Authentication and data

Share books and automations by authenticating and authorizing your peers under strong security of Google login.


Activity and permission

The Activity History assures that everything happens in a transparent way where both clients and providers can follow each others work.


No client credentials

The owner of the bank connections on your book is your Client, so you as the service provider do not need to handle clients credentials anymore.

Easy to scale, attend more clients



Standardize your own industry specific Templates to quickly onboard new clients by Copying & Pasting templates and deliver results immediately.



Automations trough Apps and Bots increase efficiency in the execution of every day task. They also tend to be more precise and less error prone than human interventions therefore greatly improving your data quality.



With our Rest API and Google Apps Script library you can extend Bkper according to your own business processes by building your automations that can even access third party resources like rates.

Bkper your Partner in Business


Fixed price

You have one Bkper account where you attend all your clients. You are no longer your software provider's reseller, as you do not need an account for every new client. You only pay for the tier of transactions that you are consuming. There are no hidden or extra costs other than the monthly subscription.


Cost Dilution

The more transactions, the better for you as the cost of your subscription is diluted and becomes insignificant per transaction. Similar to the use of disk space.


Service Focused

More clients, implicates that your cost of technology becomes less significant and you can focus on charging only services rather than technology.

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