Manage your clients' books on a single-source-of-truth on Google Cloud

Power a lean, agile alternative to traditional bookkeeping processes.

Benefit from Google Cloud

Reduce manual tasks and integration efforts


Double entry bookkeeping

A simple and consistent method to represent resource movements of any kind in time. Transactions track resources from one account to another.


Consistent Ledgers in time

Bkper represents a real time balance sheet and Financial statement consistent with all transactions in time, instead of a collection of financial data serving to get a version of a balance sheet.



With unlimited space for attachments all relevant documents, such as contracts, receipts, invoices, etc, are right there within the context of each transaction.


Automations and Customizations

Build powerful and meaningful extension for Google Workspace with a few lines of code using our Rest API and Google Apps Script Library.


Collaborative bookkeeping

Share your books with clients to strengthen your relationships through contextual communication and a clear historic reference to all your work.


Cost Dilution

Rather than impossing third party software on your clients as a reseller, you dilute the cost of your Bkper subscription over all your clients. Reducing the cost per transaction as you record more transactions, turning this cost irrelevant over time.

Simple and flexible bookkeeping

Increase the effectiveness of your bookkeeping process to attend more clients.

  • Faster communication by sharing realtime data.
  • Automated data input, categorization, conciliation, etc.
  • Centralized information.
  • Collaborative work allowing all parts involved to be able to understand the process and participate actively.
Collaborative bookkeeping workspace for Google Workspace

Modern and integrated environment

With Google Workspace integrations, you can:

  • Easily import unstructured data from Google Sheets.
  • Easily fetch data from Bkper to share Financial Statements or any other Managerial report on Google Sheets.
  • Record new transactions with attachments by email. Any team member can forward invoices, receipts or other information to record a receivable, payable, reimbursement etc. on Bkper.
  • Consolidate data from multiple banks and credit cards into your Google Sheets. Bkper bank connections securely synchronizes Google Workspace with your financial institutions.

Benefit from Google Cloud

Optimize your bookkeeping process

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