Simple General Ledger

This “Simple General Ledger” template serves to keep track of transactions and to create effective financial reports that work in real time and are easy to maintain. The book works as a central repository of accounting data for businesses, projects or organizations. Control account balance values, income, fixed and variable expenses.

The sample book has a chart of accounts organized in a balance sheet with equity and a Profit and Loss statement, to facilitate your understanding and to get started quickly. Feel free to modify it to your needs. You can edit and delete existing accounts as well as you can create new ones.

The Google Sheet sample report that comes with this template, queries this sample book and fetches the balance values from its accounts in the format of a Cash flow, Balance Sheet and P&L statement. Data is fetched with Bkper Functions which you will find in each grey cell with a note saying “Bkper Formula”.

Open both samples (Book and Sheets) below and make your own copies and to report on the Google sheet with your data you will have to record a few transactions in your book and follow a few simple instructions in the Google Sheet.