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Centralize financial data from multiple banks and credit cards

Get daily updates

Fully automate data collection from multiple banks and credit card accounts, getting every transaction automatically into Bkper as they happen.

Daily feeds

Reconcile easily

Find maching transactions and merge them in one click. Work together with your peers and easily keep your account balances reconciled all time.


Get the right data into your sheets

Keep your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements on top of reconciled accounts and access the right data from your Google Sheet to generate precise reports.

Bkper Functions for Google Sheets >>

Bkper Functions for Google Sheets

Keep it secure on Google Cloud.

Higher security and protective standards for your sensitive data and we use fast data processing infrastructures.

  • Modern infrastructure: safe, global, economical, high performance and constant improvements.
  • Google Servers: fully automated services that scale according to customers usage of Bkper.
  • Secure and unified billing in your local currency, managed by Google.
  • $300 credit to get started for free

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Security with Google Cloud

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