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Easier Bookkeeping on G Suite

Bkper provides a simple way to work with Finances and Accounting on Google

Finances better together

With Bkper, everyone can work together in the same book at the same time, with bots helping on the hard bookkeeping work, getting a real-time balance sheet and profit & loss statements.

"Bkper Sheets Add-on is extremely useful, the more I use it, the more I appreciate it."
"I just finished my year end reporting and it was very easy thanks to Bkper!"
"Bkper adds a lot of value to our business and customers."

Google Sheets + Bkper = Easy Accounting

Use the power of Google Sheets to run custom formulas, create beautiful dashboards and quickly import/export transactions, while keeping all your financial data consistently stored in an unlimited searchable archive.

Google Sheets Add-on

Google Sheets Add-on

Get a head start with templates

Choose from a wide variety of Personal or Business templates - all to you save time, and organize your finances with the right chart of accounts.

Get a head start with templates

Benefit from Google Cloud

Highest security and protective standards to your sensitive data and we always use the fastest infrastructure for data processing:

  • Modern infrastructure: safe, global, economical, high performance and constant improvements.
  • Google Servers: fully automated services that scale according to customers usage of Bkper.
  • Secure and unified billing in your local currency, managed by Google.
  • $300 credit to get started for free.
Collaborative workflows

Integrate & Automate

Use Google Drive to safely upload data from your bank account in 2 clicks and easily create time saving workflows with +1000 apps you already use, from Paypal to Slack.

Develop with our Google Apps Script library and integrate to all other Google and non-Google services, with few lines of code.

Integrate & Automate


All your data is stored on Google Cloud's secure servers in secure locations, accessed behind SSL and OAuth2 protocols.


All Activities are logged and recorded, making it really easy to keep track of changes on your books.

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