Send emails with attachments to your Bkper bookkeeping to record financial transactions

Jacob van den Berg | August 14, 2019

To strengthen the concepts of collaboration and productivity within bookkeeping and accounting we now let you record transactions by email. This completes the full communication cycle of requests from Bkper Comments and the ability to reply by email with attachments to solve financial questions, without the need to leave the context of Bkper books or your email.


In April 2018 we added comments on transaction to Bkper. This simple communication within the context of a transaction served almost like notes, leaving simple remarks or reminders for yourself or other team members on transactions.

Soon we had to add the feature to address team members in comments as many users showed the need to actually call team members to action on their book.

Mentioning a team member with an @ + their alias on a comment now notified this member with a simple email with a direct link to the context of the comment (normally a transaction). This soon proved to be an excellent way to give slackers a little notch in particular to ask them for missing documentation, such as receipts or invoices related to their transactions.


From the conception of Bkper and according to bookkeeping principles it was always possible to add one attachment to a transaction on Bkper. So in the early days you had the option to add one invoice to one transaction to register a payable or for example one receipt to record a payment.

On request we later also parsed external links on transaction descriptions, making it possible to get a wider understanding of the context of a transaction, for example by linking to a contract that explains the number of installments on an account payable.

Still, broken links to external files increased the necessity to be more flexible with the number of attachments. So in october 2018 we introduced multiple attachments and the Drag and Drop feature.

Especially on Google Chrome browsers this is a great productivity hack as you download an invoice from your gmail on one tab and drag the file from the download bar and drop it into your Bkper book on another tab to record a transaction.

Still we perceived from user feedback that the communication circle wasn’t complete, even with the email notification via an addressed comment, and the drag and drop feature you still had to leave the email context, to upload the requested attachment to your book.


To fill up this gap each Bkper book now has a unique email address ( where you can send, forward and reply to emails with attachments.

So, now, when someone requests to add a receipt to a transaction via a Bkper comment, one can simply reply to this email notification with the receipt attached to it, and add it to this transaction.

Also, now when you receive an email with a receipt or invoice, there is no more need to download the files, you can simply forward the email to your book, to record the transaction.

A productivity hack that makes booking transactions on Bkper as simple as sending an email to your book.

Learn the details on how to record transactions by email on our help center.