Bkper's 2022 year in review

Jacob | January 5, 2023

2022 has been a great year for Bkper, onboarding amazing new clients and team members whilst we improved the service performance and shipped new features.

Bkper 2022 review


This year, we released some great features and automation improvements to increase your productivity.

As always our choice to create a new feature or to dedicate our time to improvements was strongly influenced by those customers who seek to get the highest value from our service through means of optimized processes or workflows.

Chart of Account Hierarchy
This has been our biggest shipment this year. The visaul hierarcy in your book is only the tip of the iceberg of many changes required to be able to create both normalized and denormalized hierarchies in one book. The most noticebale change has been the deprecation of the checked and unchecked balance values. A necessary change to run the Bkper Audit process throughout the hierarchy and guarentee balance values fast after posting new transactions. Learn more »

BkperApp Library
The BkperApp library is our Google Apps Script library that integrates Bkper with all other Google products such as Google sheets, App Sheets and Looker. The library has undergone numerous changes to enhance your integration and reporting capabilities.

Bkper Billing page
Together with Stripe we have enhanced our billing process where you can now easily find your payment history and download invoices and receipts for your records. Learn more »

Without any downtime we have migrated all queues, which became too slow to handle the large workloads, to a pub sub architecture. Locking schemes were also optimized to minimize contingency on simultaneous read & write processes, improving the overall performance of the service.

Looking forward

Bank Connections
We will double down on the expansion of Bkper Bank Connections so anyone around the world can connect their bank accounts to a Google Sheet, keeping their financial data consistently on Bkper. It’s the single most requested feature from every corner of the world which truly enhances your day to day bookkeeping and accounting tasks. We are on it!

With users from many different countries and backgrounds there lays a true challenge in reporting that delivers a high value solution without boxing you in to compliance or typical standard schemes. We believe that the chart of accounts hierarchy might be the way to deliver such flexibility and efficiency. We’ll carefully seek ways to incorporate it into our Add-on for Google Sheets and move forward to flexible one click reports.

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