Bkper automations simplify finances

Raquel | January 28, 2019

With our vision to simplify finances even more, we started 2019 with a brand new Bkper Automations portal. It replaces traditional Integrations as we foresee a much wider scope of bots and bank feeds that you’ll need to own all your financial data on Bkper.

Bkper automations allow you to integrate Bkper with the apps you already like to use, and in the future you’ll create your own Bots and reconcile your books with bankfeeds.

Check out the new Bkper Automations Portal with all the integrations: Google Sheets Add-On, Google Drive, Google Forms Add-On, Ultradox, Zapier, Pluga, etc.

Before we start creating any of those cool automations we’d like to hear what you need to make your financial workflow easier.

So if you have a moment, please share with us, whether you need a tax calculating Bot or if bankfeeds would really help on a daily basis.

Access Bkper and follow the steps in the gif bellow to give us your answer on a two questions Form.

Steps to answer Bkper automations survey

The chart bellow shows the result of our survey so far.

Work with your financial data on Google Workspace!
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