Introducing Bkper Bots

Jacob van den Berg | April 9, 2020

Bkper Bots

We are happy to introduce Bkper Bots, an effective way to automate everyday bookkeeping tasks, adding a great leg of possibilities to build the workflow that you need with tools and services that you trust and boost your financial productivity even further.

Bkper Bots are automations that are triggered by events, such as posting or checking transactions on Bkper, to execute a specific task of a financial process related to that event. The logic of a bot is written in Google Apps Script, a very easy scripting language to automate your workflows, to integrate with Google services (Sheets, Docs, etc.) and external APIs such as our Bkper API.

The Bots included in Bkper Automations are thoroughly verified by the Google Apps Script deployment process, granting you the security that only the datascopes presented for authorization are used. Furthermore all these Bots are published as open source projects on Github, so you can check out what they do, make improvements or make your own version,

No more modules

Bkper is a double entry streaming platform, giving real time balance values consistent in time. We want you to have the freedom to build your finances on top of that with the tools and services that you like and in a way that fits you best.

This is a very different concept than the modular approach currently prevailing in finances. For each specific financial problem add a module one for billing, a payroll module or maybe you work on one that keeps you tax compliant.

Modules work within preset boundaries and limits of parameters based on common standards or local rules.Therefore, they either do not attend outside of that scope or either they add so much complexity that they become too much overhead. A paradigm that (still) pushes many people to do their finances on spreadsheets.

Bkper Bots intend to avoid this by proposing a flexible approach to solutions for many different finance related matters, trying to attend a much wider variety of business & performance questions, while still satisfying the more common needs of finances and compliance.

Why are Bkper Bots a Big deal

The aim of having bots doing daily tasks without error obviously is to optimize the use of resources and improve the timing and quality of the data you have to take decision upon. Still the introduction of bots on Bkper goes much further as it opens the doors to an infinite scope of solutions of which many now simply aren’t possible.


Event based

Whether it is an approval process or a billing process, Finances and Processes go hand in hand and many things depend on that flow. Rather than controlling these processes externally, the nature of Bkper embeds this process flow naturally, where streaming events trigger bots to realize the tasks related to that process.

Use of third party solutions

Bots give you the freedom to use third party solutions that best fit you for anything that you can imagine. There are many tax services that will return a tax rate if you give it an item and a region. Still, there might be one more suitable for the US and another one for India. With bots you choose which one best fits you, easily switch or even use both. The same for exchange rates, interest rates, fees you name it.

Integration Google Workspace

Bots, written in Google Apps Script, have a very easy and secure interface with all Google Workspace services such as Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Calendar etc. Meaning that your financial process is fully integrated to your Google Workspace back office with just a few simple lines of code. Events and conditions on your Bkper book, can now easily send emails, update dashboards or add calendar events, things that all add up to your everyday productivity.

Google Apps Script

A platform that anyone can code in, to develop its own solutions and extend finances, it is so easy that you aren’t necessarily bound to out of the box solutions anymore. You can explore a much more creative and flexible approach to your financial processes and for developers it’s important that quotas run on user’s accounts and not the developers account as it would do in Google Cloud functions, making it much more accessible.

We’d love to hear what Bots you need or want to build:

Enjoy the Bots!