differentiates itself by its Brazilian fintech automations with solutions like Pagseguro, Boleto Simples, and many more. Of course with our Brazilian roots, we hooked up with the Pluga team to include Bkper into their automations, enabling users to store financial data consistently on Bkper.

Bkper integrates with Pluga

Localized fintech solutions are used to meet regional rules and standards with particularities that make them difficult to include into mainstream financial administrations. With more than one of these solutions and maybe with some international demand, creating monthly financial statements and a consolidated balance sheet can be very difficult and costly.

Many companies already opted for automations by gathering data from local Apps in Google Sheet to do their Accounting and prepare their Statements. Already a great way to centralize data from different sources but it aint perfect as it still leads to large spreadsheets that become very hard to maintain on the long run.

With Bkper Automations on they can now gather data consistently in one central place on Bkper (instead of on a Sheet) and still use Google Sheets in the same way to do their Accounting and Reporting. Just that now they only fetch relevant data through the add-on for Bkper, work on very clean Sheets and if someone messes up the Sheet the data remains untouched on Bkper and can easily be fetched again.

How does work works with ready to use Automations between one source and one target App. Each Automation starts with a specific source task and executes a specific target task. Depending on the number of source and target tasks there are N automations for the combination of a two Apps. For Bkper there is currently one target task Record a Transaction. Source tasks Post Transaction and Check Transaction are bound to be included as well.

For example an online payment on Moip is the source task that starts the Automation to execute the target task Record Transaction on Bkper.

Bkper integrates with 2

How to get started with Automations for Bkper

1 - Sign up for Bkper and make sure you have a account

2 - Check out our help documentation

3 - Start testing with one of the available Bkper Automations

4 - Read more on the Bkper Automation announcement on the blog (Portugues) has many other Source and Target task ready to Automate with Bkper, what would be your next - Bkper automation?