Bkper 2018: year in review

Jacob van den Berg | December 11, 2018

As Bkper grows, we’re constantly evolving our products in a process of listening, observing, analyze and learning about problems people and businesses face and find genuine solutions for their financial data flow.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and feedbacks through our support channel, it has been the most important source to understand and figure out the new features that would really make your daily life easier.

Let’s take a look at all the novelties we introduced in 2018.

Working together

With the ability to share a book with your peers came a whole set of collaborative features that made communication within the context of your finance a lot easier and much more comprehensive.


Financial operations on a daily basis can lead to a lot of unnecessary overhead, working closely together with some of our partners we got to some real time saving features.

Google Workspace Integrations

As you run your back office on Google Workspace we want you to be able to do your finance within this context with the tools you already use. Our ongoing effort here is to get to more and more robust add-ons.

Bkper Gold

Our NPS score showed a high willingness to indicate Bkper, so we felt that it was important to retribute indications, doubling the number of free transactions with the Bkper Gold plan.

Get up and running in minutes

Bookkeeping and accounting by nature require a high level of understanding that many do not have when starting a business and we felt that we could help you cutting down on the learning curve so you could really start very fast. Now templates with sample transactions, let you start in a matter of minutes.


Our mobile apps are currently native apps, very much focussed on the functionality of recording transactions in the easiest possible way. Still we feel that you want to be able to do more with Bkper whilst you are on the go. So this year we have made a first step in our technology stack to move in that direction. For you, the most noticeable of this is the new


At the beginning of the year we have gone through a series of security updates Google Partner approving the scope of all the Libraries that we use.

Google Partner

As an Independent Software Vendor Bkper became a Google Cloud Partner at the beginning of 2018 and in October we entered the new Google Saas initiative Program, reinforcing the importance of our ongoing effort to offer a Global SaaS with high security and availability Standards.

Help Center

New layout and better connection with our users through Intercom messenger.

In Numbers


Looking forward, we’ll continue to focus on delivering value according to your needs. For the next year you can expect us to work on the following areas.

Automations, rather than just integrations, we foresee automations in a broader scope where you will work with Bots that you control, Input integrations and reporting capabilities. The final scope is hard to predict but Bank feeds and consolidation are ranking high on our backlog.

API, with automations up and running, our API will reach maturity for publication.

Languages, we’ĺl continue our efforts to make Bkper App, Help Center and Templates available in 140 languages so onboarding becomes easier for everyone.

Last, but not least: we wish you an incredible 2019! Count on us to disrupt traditional bookkeeping and offer the best to simplify your financial life.