Customer study: Contabnet

Raquel Esper | March 25, 2019

Contabnet: Powering a lean, agile alternative to traditional bookkeeping process

Contabnet is a bookkeeping office located in the southern region of Brazil that has been using Bkper for over 2 years to offer to their clients a collaborative bookkeeping with real time balance-sheet and shared financial statements. As of today, it already has 90 businesses in sectors like startups/technology, education, logistics, etc.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Contabnet has worked to make the accounting services even more modern. The founder, João Otávio and his son, Fernando Batista, constantly innovate with better services and keep up with a technological landscape for clients.

Financial Data flow - Putting everything together

Contabnet realized that the only way to leave behind traditional accounting was to ally itself with technology. Your primary goal was change the inefficient flow of documents and information that arrived in a decentralized way coming from separate tools, as well as ending the slow workload of manual data entry and enabling customers to follow the process of together with the accountant.

To solve this, Contabet uses Bkper, where the tool puts the client and the accounting office nearby, with the possibility of centralizing information, sharing data on a daily basis, in a collaborative way allowing all parts involved to be able to understand the process and participate actively.

Their clients, undoubtedly, gained more freedom and practicality. At any point in time, they can extract reports, including custom reports, from bookkeeping and finances, and can keep track of their company numbers in real time and increase the knowledge of tirar o your financial and business performance indicators.

This causes traditional accounting to fall behind as it is in the habit of delivering only once a month the customer data at the end of each billing cycle.

Faster communication

Prior to Bkper, the communication workflow between accountants and their clients was a chaos: many emails, calls, documents requests. The process was not being effective, hampering productivity. Bkper changed that.

Bkper helps Contabnet to keep client conversations and bookkeeping in the same context, providing the perfect communication flow to integrate request, documents and notifications for accountants and clients. With “Bkper Comments” they’ve reduced their chaotic workflow. It is a new paradigm that changes how people and businesses do their finances.

Less data entry and bots helping

Contabnet used to enter a lot of manually data. Data input, categorization, checks, conciliation etc. are often error prone manually executed tasks. Now, with bots working alongside, they get an effective way of AI help them on repetitive low value tasks that are essential to keep books organized.

Bots perform those tasks close to perfection both in speed and accuracy. Increasing the number of correctly posted transactions, with the same resources and the closing period to report disappears as balance values are adjusted in real time. “We reduced the manual data entry by approximately 80%” says Fernando Batista, COO at Contabnet

Revenue increases

With bots helping them, Contabnet could support more clients with the same number of employees.This makes their revenue grows.