Household Finances

Jacob van den Berg | September 10, 2015

Household Finance is a nasty thing we all have to deal with. It is often a time consuming activity and even when we try to get everything right there always seems to be some note or bill missing.

To make things easier for you, Bkper prepared a book that will help you save time and get your financial life organized.

Household Finances Book: bkper_householf finance book

Open the book above and see how Pat and Robert control their finances as they go.

Continue with your life…

3.95 #strabucks is enough to record your Frappuccino from a cellphone whilst the cashier prepares your change. Do the same on the web console for your online payments, record the credit card payment with #ccpayment 2556.00 and that’s it.

Record financial movements on the go with a simple note and forget about all the annoying things you had to fill out before.

Now the Smart Part

After recording some entries, red icons on the web console might seem nasty at first, though it is actually the smart part of Bkper! Like a child, it needs to learn the right accounts to book your Frappuccinos at Starbucks. Once thaught, the good stuff starts to appear as Bkper auto completes accounts for you with nice green icons.

Complete that relaxing Frappuccino, paid with cash like this: bkper_householf finance book 2

The monthly Credit Card payment you complete like this: bkper_householf finance book 3

The first few times Bkper needs that helping hand to complete accounts but that’s as difficult as its gonna get. The next entry with #starbucks is automatically completed and you only need to confirm those green entries. bkper_householf finance book 4

The Wow stuff

Now account balances are always accurate to the cent in real time and you are a click away from any financial insight you can imagine. Clicking on any #starbucks hashtag will list all its entries and with the graphics button the coffee balance appears.

Are you aware of how much you spend on coffee?

Now that you got the hang of it, add other household members to the book and start recording entries together, gaining insight to the complete household finances. A quick look at Assets with the graphics button shows that the cummulative balance improved. Interacting with the periodic balance graph though, reveals that one household member hasn’t done so well.

bkper_household finance

So stop gathering all those notes and bills to spend your precious time filling out long forms or spreadsheets and start recording simple entries as you go, which will become just as natural as paying itself, making your life a lot easier by saving you time and giving you full control of your household finances.

Some instructions to get started

Copy the Household Finances book for your personal use. The copy will have the accounts. The copy will not have the transactions of Pat and Robert. The copy is private, only you can access it.

Rename accounts as you wish.

Delete accounts you don’t intend to use.

Initialize your permanent accounts, check out #balanceinitialization and assist the video how to initialize Balance values.

Teach Bkper in the first few drafts which accounts to use with each description.

Also you can take a look at the tecnical description on our help site. Thats it! We Look forward to your comments and for now we wish you happy bookkeeping!