Get collaboration and productivity for your financial team.

Work with your Team on one Bkper book, with different levels of permissions, providing a clear view on financials to take better decisions throughout your organization.

Benefit from Google Cloud

Work together, share documents and make request faster


Book Sharing

Grant access to your peers with different levels of permission and work in a same book without compromising your financial info.



Comments allow you to communicate within the context of your finances. You can leave requests to your peers or you can simply add contextual notes to your book.



You’ll see everything what your team has been doing, such as recording drafts, posting and editing transactions, and much more.

"Beyond tracking expenses and revenue, it helps me to keep an eye on profitability even in the startup phase."

Idesta Adams

Communicate within the context of your finances

Follow the process together with the team:

  • Connected anywhere.
  • Efficient flow of documents and information.
  • Leave behind the slow workload of manual data entry.
  • No licences for additional users, share your book(s) with as many collaborators as needed.
  • Imagine how empowering it is to work together with Accountants, Investors, Executives, Managers and other team members on one single financial source of truth.
Benefit from Google Cloud

Flexible bookkeeping for your business

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