Flexible tools for businesses analyze and understand the company position.

Making it easier than ever before to create real time Cash flow, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements with data from Bkper, turning Google Sheets into a powerful accounting tool for reporting and analysis.

Benefit from Google Cloud

Easier Reporting, Faster insights


Balance Sheet

Use Bkper to see a real-time Balance Sheet directly in your book dashboard. This allows you to describe your business at a specific moment in time.


Profit and Loss

Create your P&L to track the flow of revenues and costs over a chosen time period.


Other Financial Statement

You’ll see everything what your team has been doing, such as recording drafts, posting and editing transactions, and much more.

"Bkper Sheets Add-on is extremely useful, the more I use it, the more I appreciate it."

Richard Koenis

Create real time financial statements on Google Sheets with Bkper.

With some steps, turn your Google Sheets into a powerful acocunting tool.

Benefit from Google Cloud

Flexible bookkeeping for your business

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