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About us

Our mission is to make collaborative bookkeeping work for people and businesses.

Our vision and strategy

Doing finances is still a huge burden for everyone. Even modern accounting systems in the cloud, are still complex, driven by forms, compliances and batch processes, made for institutions. This must be simpler for people and businesses.

We provide a robust collaborative double-entry bookkeeping platform, based on a new activities streaming paradigm, backed by the best work digital transformation company in the cloud: Google

Collaborative bookkeeping workspace for G Suite

Our journey so far

Back in 2010, in Belo Horizonte (MG/Brazil), working for big development firms, we faced the problem of collecting and centralizing financial data, over and over again, so we started our journey to simplify this experience and get to a quick view of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements in a clear way.

Some big facts:

Process Automation

+60k users in +100 countries

Users worldwide


+4M transactions



Jacob van den Berg
Jacob van den Berg
CEO & Co-founder
Mael Caldas
Mael Caldas
CTO & Co-founder

Investors & Board Members