Subledger Bot

by Bkper

The Subledger Bot connects child books with parent ones, rolling up the Subledger transactions into the parent General Ledger.

Accounts or Groups in the Subledger are associated to Accounts in the general ledger, allowing the Subledger a more granular control as well as its user access to only a subset of accounts.

Bkper Tax Bot in action

A Subledger may contain, for example, only the details of the Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable and be shared with a specific department of the business without access to sensitive general ledger account balances and transactions.

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The Subledger bot is triggered on TRANSACTION_POSTED event, and roll the transaction up to the parent book.

Child Book property

Child Group property

Child Transaction property

Parent Group property

See the Subledger Bot help article for a working example.